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The rugby team's three "teams"
Offense - Push through the air pass and ground red ball and try to touchdowns (6 points). After the touchdowns can play free kick or touchdowns again <2 points>
> Defense - tacks the ball by the tackle, defends the ball, cuts off the ball, or fills the fumble to prevent the other from attacking and regains the offense.
Special Teams - A group of players who are responsible for playing and attacking the team after the exchange of attack and defense points: punt, field goal, extra point and kickoff (kickoff).
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Offensive player
The offensive player is responsible for advancing the ball to the other position until he gets scoring or losing the offense. They pass through the air pass (Pass) or ground red ball (Push or Run) into the other end zone (end zone) and touchdowns (6 points).
The attacker must be four times to attack the opportunity (Down) the CCP to promote at least 10 yards, reached the first attack (First Down), in order to obtain a new four offensive opportunities. Otherwise the two sides exchange the ball right.

Offensive position
Quarterback (Quarterback) - the team leader, leading the majority of offensive offensive tactics.
Center (center) - lined up in the middle of the line, responsible for the ball to launch every attack.
Guard (guard) - each attack group has two guard, lined up on both sides of the center.
Tackle - Each attack group has two heights, lined up on the outside of the guard.
Tight end - close to the outside of the weft (near or close).
Out receiver (Wide Receiver) - lined up in the distance from the line 10-15 yards position; responsible for the four points in the air pass.
Running Back - usually standing behind the quarterback; responsible for running the ball, or in the offensive attack tactics to block the other players hit the quartile and then quarterback pass.

Defensive player
Defensive player is responsible for the capture of the offensive side of the ball players so that it can not reach the first attack (first down), or cause the attacker to concede, thus preventing the other score, and regain the right to attack.
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Defensive position
Defensive Tackle - lined up on the defensive line; responsible for the attack on the attack side; usually set one or two defensive cut, depending on the defensive formation.
Defensive end (Defensive End) - lined up on the defensive line; responsible for preventing the outside of the ball offensive team or attack quarterback; if the success of the quarterback grappling in the line after the line, known as the catch (sack); There are usually two (usually see).
Linebacker - lined up at the 2-3 yards behind the defensive and defensive end; responsible for intercepting the runners and marking the ball; sometimes the quarterback (known as the raid).
Cornerback - Cornerback - is responsible for taking over the guard and helping to intercept runners or dribbling players; usually two corners, depending on defensive and offensive formation.
(In line with the line of scrimmage) 8-10 yards at the line; responsible for marking the other side of the pass (to prevent the attack side to push forward); usually set up two Zhongwei, respectively, known as strong Wei ( Strong Safety and Free Safety.

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Leonard: Holding a youth training camp is of great significance to me

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After the trip to China, the Spurs star-en-Leonard has returned to his hometown of California, where he held an annual youth camp. The charity training camp was of great significance to Leonard, and he spoke about it in a recent interview. I will do these things for the children every year, they come here, enjoy the fun of the game, and spend some time with them. It makes sense for me. "said Leonard. Drew Uncle teaches young people how to shoot shots
NBA Today, the media "Sports Illustrated" in the Twitter forward a video, video Celtic player Kerry - Owen played Drew Uncle is playing shooting machine. Video: Drew Uncle playing shooting machine (length 59 seconds) & gt; & gt; "Drew Uncle taught young people how to shoot the shooting machine. "Sports Illustrated" wrote. Owen starred in the film "Drew Uncle" also includes Shaquille - O'Neill, Chris - Weber, Reggie - Miller, Nate - Robinson, Lisa - Leslie, who starred in. Courtney - Lee: leisure time I will play a dozen table tennis _NBANBA news

NBA today announced that the Knicks player Courtney Lee has released a photo in the social media (see news map). "I will play a dozen table tennis in my spare time. "wrote Lee. 2016-17 season, Lee field played 31.6 minutes to get 10.8 points 3.4 rebounds and 2.3 assists. Juan - Ernang Gomez key big hat to block Bogdanovic _NBANBA news (welcome to buy NBA 2K18 MT Coins, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

NBA in September 6 today in the end of a European Championship, Spain to 79-73 victory over Croatia, Spain's Nuggets players Juan - Ernang Gomez game won 9 points 4 rebounds 1 Steals, and at the end of the game the big moment of the Croatian Pacers player Bojan-Bogdanovic. Ernang Gomez averaged 13.6 minutes in the regular season of the 2016-17 season and was able to get 4.9 points and 3.0 rebounds.

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Turin Sports Daily: Barcelona interested Juventus sports director Palattech _FIFA NEWS international football news
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FIFA NEWS September 6, the news of the Italian media, said Barcelona to consider the appointment of Juventus Sports Director Palaci?. Barcelona in the summer lost Nemal, but they did not sign from the Liverpool Kutiniao, the outside world seems to be satisfied with the transfer of the work of Barcelona. According to the "Turin Sports Daily" news, Barcelona is now invited to invite Juventus sports director Palatika to the club's transfer work. Palatika and Mallorca have been working very well in Juventus in recent seasons, and they helped the club win the Serie A six consecutive championships. In the signings, they also use low-cost or visa-free way to introduce the Pirlo, Hedi La and Vidal such players. The newspaper even said that if the Palatika to join Barcelona, ??then Marotta also have the possibility to switch to Campbell. Strengthen security! Manchester United for its training base wall set up over the iron circle _FIFA NEWS international football news

FIFA NEWS September 6 hearing It is reported that Manchester United will be set in the Carrington training base; iron fence to face the British serious anti-terrorism situation. Manchester United has submitted plans for the construction of the fence, including the addition of block-resistant iron pillars, the control of the automatic landing gear and 11-foot high iron gate, in order to strengthen the Carrington training base security. This season, Manchester United home Old Trafford's security has also been strengthened, the fans into the venue of the security work more meticulous and fans into the road with large pieces of luggage is also limited. Many of the clubs in the UK have also responded to the home security by strengthening the match day because of the domestic anti-terrorism situation. Manchester United representatives told the Daily Star reporter that we had planned a number of security-enhanced programs. Manchester United this level of the club is the need for such a level of security, we want to let the fans of the game and ensure the safety of our training base. In 2017, there were several terrorist incidents in the UK, while in Manchester, 22 people were killed. Manchester United in the 15-16 season, because the home bomb threat was forced to postpone the game and Bournemouth game, and finally check the bomb device is Manchester United security company drift when the bombing of the bomb device. (Click to buy cheap fifa 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

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But they did not bring the team to touchdowns Big Ben this game only played two waves of attack, the first wave of attack to the Big Ben was sacked, off the ball was picked up, the pony took over the two men grabbed to push the 50 yards to help small horse array score ended; second Wave attack to the red area attack constipation, Boswell hit 3 points end. This is not too worried about this big. When talking about the performance of the team offensive group, Big Ben said: "We did what we want to complete." Although the start is not smooth, but inside the guard Shazier stood out. He secretly retracement, easy to quarterback Tolzien's pass away, in the half halftime ruined the idea of ??the pony. In the second half, the comeback Steelers bench quarterly Landry Jones led the team twice before the score line, the results are not the same: one by Xavier Grimble one-on-one score, one in the chaos was the other steals. The final steel did not overtake the score to 15:19 loss to the pony. Talk about a few interesting points: the game Dobbs basically did not get the opportunity, and the injury comeback Landry Jones played more than people imagined to calm. Although there is a 1-yard line was steals, but overall, 31 pass 21, 163 yards, all 5.3, a touchdowns once the data is still acceptable. And he was only once sacked, when he did not notice the security of the pony security raid, but the rest of the time in the face of the raid he was still very calm. Conclusion: Jones is well underdone and is still a substitute quarterback. James Harrison is back! Old Kazakhstan missed a lot of training time, so this game he got a lot of training opportunities. Interestingly, the coaching staff arranged TJ Watt played the pony before the three waves of attack, then the old Kazakh debut debut. Does this mean that TJ Watt has officially got the starting position? Cam Sutton also needs to play for the playing time. Even if the names of Artie Burns / Ross Cockrell / Will Gay / Coty Sensabaugh are horrifying, the Sutton, who has just come back, needs to prove himself to get the first chance. Height 180, weight 180 pounds he did not Artie Burns tall, but this does not mean he did not have a one-on-one defensive strength on the sideline. But at the moment, his task is still fighting for the nickel & dime position. Third runner nonexistent. With the injury of Fitzgerald Toussiant, Terrell Watson and Knile Davis have become candidates for the third runners. But taking into account the situation of a person alone Bell, the third run back competition issues are not concerned about the fans. Perhaps one can pass in the third gear to pass the runway is the third runway places the right person? In this way, Watson is more advantageous than Davis. Perhaps, Davis can be traded back to chiefs, Steelers can then find a speed running back? Eli Rogers, Martavis Bryant and Juju Smith-Schuster are still reliable. Eli and MB10 are catching 6 times in the pass 5 times, Eli is the use of slot space to promote the 58 yards. Juju also finished three times to catch the ball, including a sideline toes, and a hard pony cradle. Even if the scar, Juju is still to prove to people that he is a tough receiver. In contrast, Cobi Hamilton and Justin Hunter seem to have some ups and downs. My 2017 season Steelers take over the list of forecasts: 1. Anronio Brown 2. Martavis Bryant 3. Eli Rogers 4. Sammie Coates 5. Darrius Heyward-Bey 6. Juju Smith-Schuster (Click to buy cheap madden nfl 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

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Official: UEFA does not open a violation of the fiscal fair investigation on Manchester City _FIFA 18 NEWS International Soccer News (Click to buy fifa 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

FIFA 18 NEWS September 4, UEFA official confirmed that they did not violate the financial and accounting lawsuit to investigate the municipality, despite the Spanish Football Association sued the PSG also sued Manchester City. UEFA has confirmed their investigation of the relevant behavior of the PSG, to stop the club to take; financial stimulants benefit.... UEFA wrote in an official statement: There is currently no investigation into Manchester City's violation of the fiscal fairness bill. Any report mentioned that such a survey is unfounded. In 2008, the Abu Dhabi Consortium entered Manchester City. This summer Manchester City to spend 215 million euros signed Walker, Bernardo - Silva, Edson and Mendi, is the club in a single transfer window in the largest amount of investment. But they also sold Boni, Ishina Joe. Moy and other players, the team's net investment fell to 130 million pounds Barton: Barkley refused Chelsea can not contact on the Conti _FIFA 18 NEWS International Soccer News (Click to buy cheap fifa 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

FIFA 18 NEWS September 5 hearing "Mirror" news, Joey - Barton revealed that Everton star Barkley refused to sign Chelsea because the last day in the transfer window he can not get in touch with the hole, the latter's cell phone shutdown The. Everton agreed to sell 35 million players in England, but Buckley refused to move. Now Barton said the real reason is that Barkley wants to talk with Kongiti his future position, but failed to contact on the Conti. Barton said:; on the transfer of Barkley I heard a really interesting thing. Conti shut down, and Barkley's agent tried to contact him. ; He wanted to say: & lsquo; see, I will play where the position & rsquo ;, and Conti turned off the phone. That's why Barkley was scared and did not sign up. ; He thought: "lsquo; Well, if the coach does not pick me up, then he certainly does not want me, and that's why he goes back to Everton.

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Durant: I think James will end his career in Cleveland
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NBA August 31 warrior star Kevin - Durant recently in an interview with Bill - Simmons podcast interview when talking about the knight star LeBron - James next summer to stay. Durant thinks: "I am always saying that he will stay, and I am so and he said that this is me, I feel he will end his career in Cleveland, there is his home, when his career After the end of his career, he will achieve remarkable achievements, he will achieve some success. "At the same time, Simmons believes that James will be in the 2017-18 season after the end of the Lakers. "I bet the Lakers," said Simmons, "I think the Lakers are the most reasonable." Durant and Simmons on the fate of James also played a bet, losers please win the winner to eat a gift from Fat Sal & rsquo; Deli. Paul - Gasol Photo: First Training After Arrival _NBANBA News
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Spain's Spurs players Paul Gasol today posted a team-trained photo on Instagram. "The first training after arrival, there are less than two days to start the game!" # Eurobasket "wrote Gasol. Gasol in the 2016-17 season regular season averaged 25.4 minutes to play, can get 12.4 points 7.8 rebounds and 2.3 assists and 1.1 blocks. Finland announced the European Championship 12 NPC list, Marquardain led _NBANBA news
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Finland today announced the team's participation in the 12-man squad in the European Championship, where Bulls' rookie Laurie Marcheanin took the lead. In addition, former NBA player Eric Murphy is also named this list, the other selected players are: Mikko Koivisto, Shawn Huff, Sasu Salin, Gerald Lee, Tuukka Kotti, Petteri Koponen, Matti Nuutinen, Teemu Rannikko, Carl Lindbom and Jamar Wilson, Finland and France, Slovenia, Greece, Poland and Iceland together in the A group. Sylveskas: the end of the reconstruction, it is time to win the _NBANBA news (welcome to buy NBA 2K18 MT Coins, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

According to The Score reporter William Lou, the Philadelphia 76ers are no longer interested in rebuilding, and the first step in the rebuilding process is to sacrifice four painful and humiliating seasons to accumulate strength for the future. Now they have Joel - Ebid, two draft picks and other powerful young players. Philadelphia is now beginning to rebuild the second step, that is to really start to win. 76ers guard Nick - Stathskas did not comment on whether the team would enter the playoffs, but he firmly said that the team has begun to focus on winning the game. "People always say that this is the process that we have already faced with this argument for too long," said Rothschas, in an interview. "It's time to end this process, it's time to start winning the game and start competing." This is the main goal of our advance. & Quot; Rothschas added. The 76ers this summer's operation also said they had focused on building a winning culture, and they took big money to sign up with experienced players Amir Johnson and JJ-Reddick. And Lothos Cassie put JJ-Redick as a template for his career to continue to improve. "I respect him, he as a young player, every season will make their own progress, has been trying to become better." Just entered the league when Redick did not have his current level. At Duke University, he was very good, but he still took some time to adapt to the league. "Said Stuscas. "I feel I can learn a lot of things from Redick this season, including his career, training arrangements and the attitude of the game." I'm really looking forward to playing with him.

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NFL 18 Russell Wilson believes in the best of both worlds in recent years - NFL Rugby Field - NFL 18
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NFL 18 Russell Wilson believes that the group of foreign talent in recent years, best by TDL_Flamen published in the tiger flutter NFL rugby last year this time, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) said the sea eagle has a team history of the most Talent lineup. This year, he is the name of praise to praise the talent of the receiver. "Our talent on the external location is exciting. This can be said that our team history of the most talented external group. "Said Wilson. Last year by Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse, Tyler Lockett and Paul Richardson, On the basis of the Seahawks also took three rounds of picks to take over Amara Darboh (Amara Darboh), seven rounds of pick picks David Moore (David Moore). NFL 18 Eagle Prefects Bill Defender Front Jack - Mickey - NFL Rugby Field - NFL 18
NFL 18 Eagles claim before Bill defensive end jack Jack - Matthew by TDL_Flamen published in the tiger flutter NFL rugby stadium Jake - Metz (Jake Metz) once again returned to Philadelphia. According to ESPN reporters, the Philadelphia Eagles claimed that this was yesterday defended by Bill's defensive end. In the interior rugby league Philadelphia soul team played well for a year after the ball, Maize was awarded the league's best defensive front line members of the award. Last summer he had been in the eagle for five days, but was eventually cut. He also played in the China Indoor Rugby League for the Qingdao Clippers, and then signed by Bill. Matthew Stafford renews, the annual salary will be over Karl - NFL football field - NFL 18
Matthew Stafford renews, the annual salary will be overweight by the Irons of the Green Celtics in the Tigers NFL Rugby Detroit Lions and quarterback Matthew Stafford to reach a renewal agreement. It is said that the contract is 5 years total value of 135 million, Staffford's average annual salary will be as high as 27 million US dollars. The contract also exceeded the early completion of 5 years 125 million US dollars renewal of the raid quarterback Derek Carr. From the tiger flutter Android client (Click to buy Mut 18 coins, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

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Chamberlain close to Liverpool, has been wearing the Red Army training service
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Arsenal midfielder Chamberlain is working with Liverpool to discuss the move, but it seems that the England star has been unable to wait to become a member of the Red Army. According to a number of British media reports, Liverpool has been on the Chamberlain transfer fee and Arsenal reached a consensus. As the midfield is currently following the England team preparing for the national team game, so Wednesday he was in St. George Park training base to accept the physical examination. Liverpool coach Klopp is very appreciative of Chamberlain, and now he is very close to getting this midfield has been very close. Chamberlain has agreed to the Red Army out of the individual contract, the transaction is expected to officially announced on Thursday. Players are not happy to sell fans Gesli promised to send their own jerseys
According to the "Bild" reported that a fan recently to them for help, he hoped that through the "photo" to ask for his Dodmund two daughters; spiritual compensation. The story of this is the name of Gregor's Dortmund fans to their two daughters Olivia (8 years old) and Emily (11 years old) in advance to prepare a Christmas gift, that is, Deng Beilei No. 7 jersey and Moore Of the No. 9 jersey, but now, both have been sold this summer by the club. So he found the "picture", hoping to please Dortmund to send him a new jersey. Dortmund star grid policy in their own social network, said:; can not let the fans sad to enter the new season! Although we are not Mr. Watsk, (Click to buy fifa 18 coins for sale, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
but I and Schmeier is willing to provide our new jersey to you! German media: former German international Beck close to join Stuttgart _ tiger flutter international football news
According to the German media football transfer network reported that the effectiveness of Besiktas in the former German striker Andreas - Baker close to join Stuttgart. According to reports, this was selected 9 times the German national team's 30-year-old left back close to the Bundesliga, his new club will be his youth debut Stuttgart, and his transfer fee of 200 million euros. It is reported that Stuttgart's original goal is to play in Celta's Jonny - Castro, but the other's asking price reached 16 million euros, which is their inability to pay.

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(Click to buy NFL 18 coins for sale,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)  I would like to use this sentence to accompany the Gillette Stadium for eight years of Rob - Ning Covic - if the farewell is inevitable, then please accept our true farewell, and we are so affectionate farewell, is to remember You have brought us that one of the autumn wind drunk night.

July 31 NFL news summary: Patriot generals announced the retirement

Lightning team invites Los Angeles to visit the training camp, Kobe Bryant made an important speech and comes with LA life guide

In ancient times, the opera class to visit the venue of the landlord gentry, military and political officials and gang leader called "thanks to the pier." Its purpose is to obtain their support, hope a smooth performance, fear of a little less to cause catastrophe, at least (Click to buy Madden NFL18 Coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) it is difficult to foothold.

Lightning team, NFL veteran crack, before San Diego to stay well, take root in Santiago 56 years, announced in January this year, all moved to LA, which makes Los Angeles busy, the new season training camp the first day, A terminal, naturally the "angel city" the most weight of the former NBA Lakers star Kobe Bryant.

But also "Peter Pan" in Los Angeles still has a different influence, LA this one-third of the land is not his final say, in the lightning team training camp open Camp ceremony, Kobe Bryant was invited to attend, no suit tie, a white T-shirt appears to be slightly fat their own body.

This is the first public event of the Lightning team in Los Angeles, because Bryant has brought countless glory and good memories for the city, so the lightning team hopes to borrow the local snake Kobe Bryant here in the extraordinary influence of their own momentum, after all In the next door, the Rams are staring at the "uninvited guest".

In the training camp in the conference room, Bryant with the people simply greeted after an important speech, to teach their own life experience, asked the staff after the end of each person made a LA life guide (joke), and all the stars to stay phone The To this end, the Los Angeles Lightning official Twitter special thanks to Kobe Bryant, "thank Kobe Bryant, which is the first day of training camp Oh!" The team some sophomore rookie players have also pushed, said he was playing Kobe Bryant play , And now finally see the real people, round their own groupies a dream.

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(Click to buy cheap wow gold, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) Xiaobian Preface 7.3PTR: Vidicar rectangular crystal can provide the skills Corps re-7.3, we landed through the Vidikar spacecraft Agus, and Vidicar number for the base camp. Inside the Vidikar spacecraft there is a function called "Matrix Crystal Core", which provides four powerful skills for us in the Argus field. * Skills only 4 election 1, only used in the field of Agus, a bit similar to the previous Delano's field skills 4 skills need to pass through different regions, the task is unlocked, all unlock will reward achievements [ready]: [ready ] Is one of the achievements of the [Argus Warriors], the final reward & ldquo; light envoy & rdquo; title: the next for everyone to introduce four kinds of skills: First, the light ruler a fixed injury AOE skills, , 5 seconds coma effect, 2 minutes CD to complete the task in Crow Kuhn (the first area of ??Agus) "Vidicar matrix core" can unlock, this looks like the player first unlock the skills. Second, the light cast war machine armor This is the coolest skills, and open the Light Legion to sell 475,000 gold coins of light cast war armor fighting for 45 seconds, 10 minutes CD. A bit like the previous logging machine Lightning war machine armor has three skills: to complete the task in the Crowe Kuen "tower of the Lord", you can unlock the task of learning this skill three,  evil heart off the war Every 2 seconds to restore 10% of life, by fatal injuries automatically full of blood in situ resurrection (30 minutes CD), repel and dizzy side of the enemy 5 seconds to complete the task & ldquo; long and (Click to buy wow gold,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) late "can unlock this skill, but also In the task of Crow Kuhn four, echo mask a striking skills, after the end of the cover will have 100% damage bonus If you want to secretly finish the arugic treasures achievements, then this skill is easy to use to complete the horse Carlyle (Agus's second area) the main task "inspired the mark" can unlock this skill forever born in Azeroth! Memorial Edition of the East King of the World articles _ more World of Warcraft area

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 (Click to buy fifa 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) According to the "team newspaper" and "Parisian newspaper" at the same time this morning news, Paris has been with Monaco to Mambache transfer agreement, 150 million euros +1 player. French "newspaper" and "Parisian newspaper" in the early morning with their own sources claim that Paris Saint-Germain has been with Monaco on the transfer of Mbabei basically reached agreement, Mbapei transfer fee of 150 million euros, while , Paris in order to quell the financial risks, will produce a player as Tim head. "Team reported that" Lucas - Mora, De LaSele and Pastore are likely to be sent away. The "Parisian newspaper" said that Dimaliya, Oyer, Ben Alpha, Correa Horvik and others may also leave the team. In the case of a week off the window, Mbipei's future is likely to be officially announced, after the 18-year-old French genius because of the transfer problem has been sitting on the bench, the French side said he also took place with his teammates dispute. On the other hand, with the transfer of Mbabe and Nemal's astronomical transfer, Paris will continue its action in the summer, and the Parisian newspaper says that with the arrival of Mbapi, there will be no more Field or new goalkeeper to join, which means that including Fabio or Oblake and others will stay team. (Editor: Yao Fan) exclusive of the whole market: Benitez to Inter for the purchase of about Wei Diqi_World light industry
The Newcastle coach Benitez has asked the club, to Inter Milan to find the new season positioning embarrassing Montenegro international about Wei Tiqi.... Jovici last season by Inter Milan rented in Seville, played 21 times into 6 balls, the performance is acceptable. But Inter Milan is not satisfied with the cost of buying in Seville, so he returned to the new season in the Nerazzurri. But in the context of Inter Milan to accelerate the introduction of Hick's background, this year's 28-year-old Yevi Siqi is likely to lose a first team of conventional rotation position, he also hopes to go to a stable appearance of the club. Yupi (Click to buy fifa 18 coins ps4, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) Teqi fame in the Italian martyrdom, this nickname JOJO striker on behalf of Purple Lily played 116 times into the 35-ball Manchester City after the high price to buy, but in the Premier League his performance did not meet expectations in the summer of 2015 he was Inter To lease + buy out the terms of the signing, a total of Inter Milan played 31 times scored 6 goals. (Editor: Yao Fan) GIF: Lightning War score, Weiler chart low shot aid team leader_World light industry
Tiger Rafa, August 24, the Real Madrid vs Florence, the opening only three minutes, the visiting team will take the lead, Welle Tu big restricted area before the low shot through the Casillas handle hit the door. (Editor: Admiral Pan Feng) Arsenal with the team Reporter: Ozil received the offer did not Sanchezo_World light industry

August 22 San Francisco 49 people: the best assistant coach into San Francisco Sidst udgivet den 22-08-2017

Last season 2 wins and 14 losses can not be bleak record so that everyone like the 49 people fans speechless, no one thought of a season full of expectations so hastily ended, even worse than the 15 season. And that only two wins is also attached to the same area of ??the Los Angeles rams gave, can be described as cold and known pine and cypress, (Click here to buy NFL 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) suffering see the truth ah. Attributed to the failure of the season last year, the player's own problems, of course, there are management can not shirk responsibility, from the Capenek flag after the team changes the atmosphere, to the team's ability to respond to emergencies as well as in the coaching staff The choice has exposed the problem, if we put these large and small problems one by one analysis, it seems that a failed season is also doomed. Of course, we can not pass the results of this disappointment to deny the team should have some praise, the kind of Lien Chan losing streak, losing streak of Lien Chan momentum, there is the kind of eager desire to win, this will become a valuable future The wealth. 49 after the post-Hubble era is struggling, from Tom - Sura and then to the Cape - Kelly, they are in their own way for the team doing pave the way, but the result is not so ideal, the total Will come, the past will also be in the past.

Personnel Change: Draft / Trading / Coach / Management

?32 days 32 teams? San Francisco 49 people: the best assistant coach into San Francisco

Kyle - Shahanham

Last season, a lot of retrogression, Qi Pu - Kelly's coaching is disappointing frustrating, and he is also difficult to escape, could not once again get through the New Year's Chaoyang, team boss Jed York and team decision makers After deliberations, Kelly sadly get out of class, along with the general manager of Trent - Barry, and the team's big cleaning also opened the curtain. Obviously the team's management needs the team to make changes in advance, in order to be able to return to the league's top level.

Falcon attack coordinator Kyle - Sha Na Han with his amazing coach touched 49 people in the Super Bowl has not yet ended 49 people have identified the new season at the helm of the team candidates, 28 years old in Texas to become the history of the NFL On the youngest coordinator, rich coaching experience to create a new suspect offensive concept, so he entered the league's thirteenth year, the first to become a coach. Last season under the leadership of Shahan Han, the Falcon attack team to promote 415.8 yards, each attack to promote 6.7 yards have set a team history record, and the Falcon attack group has become one of the fear of the Union, sand Na Han also won the best assistant coach, the men of Matt - Ryan won the season's most valuable player, sub-father, see his son today's achievements, coach Mike - Sha Hanhan may also Very satisfied.

?32 days 32 teams? San Francisco 49 people: the best assistant coach into San Francisco

Compared to the selection of the coach candidates, the new general manager of the naming is shocking many. Former security guard John - Lin Qi into San Francisco, will partner Kyle - Sha Na Han to complete the team's reconstruction work, the two contracts for a period of 6 years. However, unlike Chahnahan, Lin Qi has never been in the NFL team management experience, 08 years after retirement has been engaged in radio interpretation work, perhaps every week with the team management team coaching team became his office The general manager of the only point of persuasion, looking forward to the former Pugcast Mustang Hall of Fame players can have something as.

?32 days 32 teams? San Francisco (Click here to buy Madden 18 Coins, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) 49 people: the best assistant coach into San Francisco

Brian - Hoyer

Brian - Hoyer with Matt - Barkley joined to replace the well-known Gabe with Capernec, although the team in the offseason trying to change to the red quarter headed Kirk - Cousins , But this vision is not realized. Hoyer is the first choice of choice, Barkley last season also occasional flash performance, but both are not enough to serve as a revival, Sabahan as a proven attack master, he will find 49 future The trump card quarterback.

The draft is still full of harvest, in the offensive group without the core to determine the circumstances, the team is still to strengthen the defensive team-based, for the first time in two consecutive years to select the defensive front line, last year's defensive trumpet Delford - Barker , This year's Stanford University defense leader Solomon - Thomas income account, and in the first round of the end picked up this year's most talented linebacker Reuben - Foster. 3 round off the University of Colorado cornerback Akero - Witherspoon, the intention has been quite clear.

?32 days 32 teams? San Francisco 49 people: the best assistant coach into San Francisco

August 22 one's eggs in one basket! Barcelona abandoned the person must sign 138 million Sidst udgivet den 22-08-2017

put all one's eggs in one basket! Barcelona abandoned the person must sign 138 million pounds of the ultimate offer library birds
Barcelona is still on the Kutiniao do not give up, ready to offer the fourth Brazilian, this time, the Catalan giants will send 138 million pounds offer to test Liverpool left Kutiniao's determination The
put all one's eggs in one basket! Barcelona abandoned the person must sign 138 million pounds of the ultimate offer library birds

Barcelona will be the last time to offer Quetinho

Originally Barcelona has planned 40 million euros to take Serie, and the "Daily Sport newspaper" also believes that Serie has 90% of the possibility to join Barcelona. But today's "World Sports Daily" has pointed out that Barcelona's technical department that Nice midfielder characteristics inappropriate cosmic team, so the transaction is probably difficult to complete. This may also indicate that Barcelona will be desperate to pursue the technical sector optimistic Kutiniao.

Sky Sports's latest news is that in the previous three offer Kudiniao was rejected, Barcelona still did not give up, their fourth offer for library birds reached 138 million pounds, including 101 million pounds of fixed offer and £ 37 million bonus terms. In all fairness, this will be the (Click here to buy fifa 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) last effort made by (Click here to buy fifa 18 coins xbox one,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) Barcelona, ??and it is also a desperate move for the pursuit of Kutiniao. Western media also stressed that 37 million pounds of floating terms are linked with the number of Champions League played, is expected to be easy to reach.

The news source in Spain tells Sky Sports, "Kutinio has never been so decided to leave Liverpool, and Barcelona is trying to put all the cards on the table, and they have never given up.

When it comes to the relationship with Kutiniao, Clop said, "I am with Kutiniao's everything is good, hundred percent. About Kudiniao, I never said anything or commented But it 's clear that my English is not good enough to give five different answers to the same question, and nothing is going to change.

put all one's eggs in one basket! Barcelona abandoned the person must sign 138 million pounds of the ultimate offer library birds

Clop said he wanted Kutiniao to return to the lineup

"Independent" gives the message is that Kutiniao hope and Liverpool reconciliation, the Brazilian star hope to return to Klopp's lineup.

August 21 Click here to buy fifa 18 coins xbox one,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins Sidst udgivet den 21-08-2017

five. consistent pausing
There’s not anything pretty as irritating as a player pausing in the most essential of eventualities, along with being one-on-one with the goalkeeper
some FIFA gamers rely themselves fortunate if they may be capable of in form in a unmarried or video games a week – so the final issue they want is to be matched up with an internet opponent who spends 1/2 their time sitting within the pause menu. sadly, it’s a common incidence.
There’s no longer some thing quite as frustrating as a player pausing inside the maximum essential of situations, like being one-on-one with the goalkeeper. in the event that they then determine to pause three times in a row, you can certainly emerge as quitting out of herbal restlessness.

6. using the same group
except they’re inclined to experiment with a selection of teams, their FIFA competencies will constantly be doubtful
each person realize that one FIFA fanatic who uses the identical crew in each scenario. whether or not or not it’s offline or on-line play, their insistence on the use of actual Madrid, Barcelona or every other pinnacle-flight group can turn out to be definitely irritating while it offers them an unfair gain.
It’s in particular traumatic once they outright refuse to try a outstanding issue. They’ll hold to mention they’re the better player, but till they’re inclined to check with a diffusion of corporations, their FIFA talents (Click here to buy fifa 18 coins xbox one,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) will usually be unsure.

7. behind schedule kick-offs
They’ll usually comply with this up with a adventure to the pause menu after the game is (Click here to buy fifa 18 points,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) pressured to start
whilst you’ve placed an online sport, picked your crew, set your tactics and advanced via the loading shows, you’re ultimately set to start. but then your opponent apparently forgets a way to press the bypass button, and also you’re faced with an prolonged count on them to kick off.
They’ll generally observe this up with a trip to the pause menu after the game is pressured to begin, which also can persuade you to reconsider and are trying to find a brilliant opponent as an opportunity. Ain’t no man or woman were given time for that.

eight. Rage quitting
while opponents rage prevent for no motive aside from their lack of ability to win video games, it quickly becomes the maximum stressful of all of the collection’ horrible conduct
FFT can apprehend the temptation to throw inside the towel due to any other participant’s unsportsmanlike actions in FIFA. however, whilst combatants rage stop for no reason aside from their incapacity to win video games, it soon turns into the maximum annoying of all of the collection’ horrific behavior.
even as combined with the other irritations on our list, an 89th-minute disconnection may additionally surely see you resorting to offline play or even shutting down the sport definitely. the ethical of the tale? if you’re going to rage
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